When trying to identify keywords for your Google Adwords campaign does it sometimes feel like a shot in the dark? Fortunately, Google provides several solutions that can clear up the process so your ads will be found by the right people.

Keyword Planner
First, start by using Google’s Keyword Planner which can be found under tools within the Adwords interface. Use it to identify similar keywords to the ones you already have in mind. You’ll be provided with a list of keywords showing how often that term has been searched along with the level competition you can expect for that keyword.
Open up and enter the main keywords you want to build your campaign around. Google offers suggested keywords through its auto complete functionality. Jot them down. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and make note of the related search terms Google provides. Add the relevant ones to your Adwords campaign as well.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster tools gives you greater control over many aspects of your website. One feature that used to be available in Google Analytics but was removed is the ability to see which organic search terms people are finding your site with. Add the relevant ones to your Adwords account. Now when people enter those keywords, your website will show up in both the organic search area and as an advertisement, giving you even more real estate on the search results page.

Final Thought
With each of these suggestions, make note of phrases that may contain your targeted keyword but when combined with other words are irrelevant to your product or service. These can be added as negative keywords so that your ad won’t trigger unwanted traffic for broad or phrase matched terms.