Online Strategy

A one-size-fits-all strategy rarely works with online marketing. Your supporters have different interests and levels of engagement with your organization.  We identify those unique attributes and develop strategies that speak to their concerns. New email subscribers will be introduced to your issues and long-time supporters encouraged to fund raise, volunteer or spread your message. Deeper relationships lead to better fundraising.


Online Assessment

We analyze your entire online presence (Website, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Online Fundraising, Digital Advertising) and provide recommendations based on best practices and successful outcomes achieved by similar organizations.

Social Media

In addition to developing creative posts and tweets that communicate your mission, we will insert your organization into related discussions and reach out to influencers who can expand your organization’s reach.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an effective tool for growing your email list because supporters willingly provide their email address in exchange for receiving something of value. We develop pages that effectively promote a white paper, webinar, or action alert using proven techniques that get people to convert.

Content Writing

We have over twelve years of experience creating content for emails, web content and blogs that spark interest and lead to engagement. By including high traffic keywords and metadata we increase the likelihood that you will rank well on search engines as well. We are happy to discuss your needs on a case by case basis.

Email Welcome Series

An email welcome series introduces new supporters to your organization. They are typically sent automatically once per week over a one month period and ask people to take an action such as signing a petition, joining you on social media or downloading a report.